baby growth

My Hamster had Babies!

---For the first hand experienced and first time experienced. Never had this kind of experienced before (all day life).huhu... Gendut /Leper had 8 babies.

Name: Gendut /Leper
No.of Babies: 8 Babies
Time: 1305
Date: 11.10.09 (08 babies, bought from pets shop on 07.09)....nice number isnt it? 11,10,09,08,07...hihi

Dad: Bulat / Grey

Mom: Gendut /Leper

Babies: 8 of them...no classic names to give so far...any idea?


dunt touch the babies. take the dady out from its cage. if we touch the babies, the mother will not sense her babies.

how about opa, opi, opet and opu. he3

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