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ReCom Wiki: A new media...

The ReCom team is glad to present to you a momentous development in ReCom: the ReCom Wiki, a Malaysian Education encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

As we all know, ReCom is a great resource for education and scholarships. Our forum is frequented by helpful contributors who consist of current students, scholarship applicants, experienced seniors and even university graduates throughout the world. While we have always been enthusiastic in sharing our experience, there remains an issue: Year after year, a new batch of people visit the forum, and instead of searching through the rich information in existing threads, they post a question which has been answered for 257 times in the forum's history.

A Wiki is what we propose to be the solution to this problem. "What is a wiki?" You may ask. A wiki is a collaborative website whose content can be edited by anyone who has access to it. Put simply, we are building an encyclopaedia for Malaysian education and scholarships. We invite everyone to build this wiki together, and make it the ultimate one-stop destination for every information-seeker who visits the website.

So how do you contribute in this wiki? Just visit http://recom.org/wiki/ (or easier, http://wiki.recom.org). On the home page we have already set up a few pages for you guys to have a look. For example, clicking on Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia will lead you to a page about SPM which we happily copied off Wikipedia (*Read the footnote about copying information from external website). Just click on "edit" on the top of each page, and you will be able to edit the content of that particular page. What if you want to set up a page about University of Nottingham and there isn't an existing page yet? Just type in "University of Nottingham" in the search form on the sidebar, if it doesn't exist yet you will then have the option of creating a new article about it.

Yes it is that easy.

For more information, you can read up on the Tutorial page of the wiki. To get a feel of what we hope to achieve, visit The Students Room Wiki, for example, the article on University of Oxford. If you have any doubt, don't worry, just put in the information first, the rest of us will guide you along the way. Make sure you follow the wiki guideline below, and together we shall make ReCom Wiki a success. Now, go and have fun writing your first encyclopaedia article.


Footnote: Please do not copy and paste paragraphs verbatim from a copyrighted source as it constitutes a violation of copyright. Always paraphrase and synthesize before you copy a piece of information, and more importantly, always include the citation for reference purposes. Wikipedia article can be copied because they are licensed under Creative Common license.

ReCom Wiki Guideline

1. This wiki is intended as an encyclopaedia for information regarding education for Malaysian students. Irrelevant articles e.g. "Great White Shark" or "Harry Potter" will be removed without notice.

2. As with all encyclopaedias, all articles are to be written based on facts instead of opinions, as far as possible. The neutrality of the article is important to any encyclopedia to preserve it's integrity. As such, there should not be any tinge of bias in whatever that you are writing. For example, when comparing one scholarship to another one should list down the good and bad points for everyone to evaluate and not lean to any side.

3. All statements should be cited from either reliable websites or ReCom posts. Citations should be noted and listed at the bottom of the page itself. Please refer to "help: citation" for more information.

4. The administrators reserve the right to remove, edit or censor posts that violate the rules above.

5. Usage of proper English is required here in our wiki to enhance readability. Usage of non-standard Manglish words and phrases are not encouraged since it may result in misunderstanding of the contents.

6. In event of extensive misuse/vandalism, the pages may be locked down by the administrators. Further changes to the article shall be carefully screened via the discussions page for that particular article

7. Article of the Day (Month)
Should an article reach a certain level of standard in regard to its contents and language, you may nominate the article to be included in the pool of articles to be considered as article of the day. Requirements to be considered includes helpfulness to a good number of people as well, absense of unverified claims, and usage of proper English language.

8. Please make sure that you verify the source of information before entering it in the wiki. We understand that despite best efforts it's possible to make errors via inaccurate source or misquotation, hence errors of such nature is acceptable. However, blatant vandalism, intentionally misleading statement, incendious sentences and other inappropriate behaviours are considered an offense in this wiki. We will give warnings for the first two offense, and the third offense will result in a permanent ban in the wiki.


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