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My Ride: Extended the Top Torque

My Ride |Gen.2 1.6 MT [2006 Nov]
Is it the right way of calling Improvement? Enhancement? or just Extended? or may be all the words goes to the same meaning of what have i done to my ride.

Till yesterday, at last ,i did what i am waiting for. I bought a set of Denso IT 20 (2 weeks before -cost me around RM140), and then, a set of Arospeed Sparkplug Cable 10.2mm (cost me around RM100 only). So, within RM240, i can feel a lot of improvement due my engine performance. Eventually, i bought a cute magnetic fuel saver cost me just around RM40 (including the fitting cost). So, all those things make my ride better and smoothly during the driving.

The OEM Spark plug Cable ( Age: 2.5 years old)

After removing the OEM spark plug cable, my engine looks 'Nonsense'

The person that responsible to my ride and my arospeed sparkplug cable [Ketexlaju]
if something wrong happened to my ride. BEWARE Ketexlaju! hihihi

The Arospeed Sparkplug Cable 10.2mm (cost me only RM100)- thank you my friend: syah1982

The extra stuff: Magsaver Fuel Saver Magnetic (cost me around RM40)

Gorgeous! I love to see it, I love to ride it
They give me a lot of improvement. Thank you Denso IT 20 + Arospeed Sparkplug Cable 10.2mm

A thousand of applause to my friend Syah1982 and Ketexlaju @ka CikguBad for your help and adviced.


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