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Exercising in the morning is important

I like to kick start my day by getting some exercise in the morning. As you may or may not know the morning is the best time to exercise and there are several reason for this.

First of all when you get up and workout right away whether running, biking, swimming or doing weights, there is nothing to really stop you. If you wait until the evening you are often stuck because you can have commitments that will get in the way and as we all know if you do not make time for exercise it will disappear very quickly

Another reason to workout in the morning is to get your metabolism going and to jump start your body and mind for the day ahead. There is nothing like getting your heart rate and sweat going. After getting a workout in the morning you have a clearer head and a lot of energy. This is one of my main reasons for getting my morning workout in.

Lastly, the best reason for working out in the morning is that you will raise your metabolism and will burn more calories in the morning. If you were not to work out in the morning then you would keep that slow metabolism until lunch but if you do get that workout in you are going to be pumping up that metabolism and burning lots of calories.

One more tip. After you workout in the morning try to wait an hour or so before you eat. There is a good fat burning going on right after your workout and if you eat right away then your body will not burn the fat but instead will take the glucose out of what you have just eaten.


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